The NTAT (National Talent Acquisition Test) is a proprietary aptitude test which seeks to gain an understanding of a candidate's employability as an intern. The NTAT is conducted by Switch Idea to provide companies registered on our platform with talented candidates for their internship openings. The NTAT is a multiple choice test which lasts ninety minutes.
Primarily you don't have to study anything new apart from what you’re already studying (or have studied so far). The National Talent Acquisition Test is ninety minutes long and it tests communication skills in English, psychometric aptitude, general awareness, work situation awareness and readiness, and student's domain knowledge. Questions based on quantitative aptitude that require formulae are not emphasized. There are one hundred questions of medium level. The score is generally declared 20 days from the exam. The score is calculated in percentage (not percentile).
Education: Must be a current undergraduate/post-graduate student in an AICTE-accredited program. Must be certified by the H.O.D. or Principal as being ready for an internship. Background Check: In accordance with our internal policy, candidates who are ready for internship must successfully complete a background check prior to being eligible for internship. Final hiring for the internship is contingent upon clearing the background check.
In Customer Experience we love helping you get the best out of your NTAT certification. We’re always here when you have a question. Our small (and highly dedicated team) work hard to deliver a world-class experience. And this has been recognised with two awards! We consider providing personalised support as important as our technology and delivery. If you need help, we won't route you to a call centre but instead we'll have you talk to a full-time Switch Idea employee either by email or by phone. The advantage of having a dedicated support is that your internship-related-requests get priority preference. At points, our team also helps students with multiple or customised solutions if needed.
National Talent Acquisition Test does not have passing marks. There is no negative marking. It works on a simple linear model, the better the score, more is the priority given to the application of the student by the company HR. Most of the employers consider 50+ as an above average.
(A) Initial Screening (From the Date of Application) Employers begin by reviewing all applications through Switch Idea portal. Student's application is carefully evaluated to determine how well his/her current course and background fit with the position, both in terms of how his/her goals match with the company and how company's internship program benefit the student. Key Evaluation elements: 1. NTAT Score of the candidate 2. Cover Letter / Application Form (sent while applying to Internship) 3. Availability Dates of the Student 4. Resume Initial screening results either in an email from Switch Idea requesting that student should contact us to schedule a telephone interview with the employer or an email notifying student that he/she is no longer under consideration. This email also contains the Reason of Rejection (RoR) shared by the Employer. (B) Intermediate Screening (During the Second Week from Date of Application) Employer may choose to call some of your college faculties as references for additional information regarding the student(s). (C) Final Screening - Telephone Interaction or On-Site Interaction (During the third or fourth week from Date of Application) Telephonic Interaction: As per mutual agreement, Switch Idea will regulate teleconference for selected students. These calls usually last approximately 40-50 minutes. Employers try to keep this process standardized for all the students. While students will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview, they will also be invited to follow up with the employer after the interview. On-site Interaction: In recognition that not all students will be able to do a telephonic conference, we organize an on-site interview at the Employer's workplace. The timings and dates are mutually agreed by the Student and Employer.
After you complete your profile by adding your NTAT batch ID on Switch Idea, your availability period is known to the employer who after reviewing your application(s) and other traits like score in NTAT, basic skills, place, will shortlist you and offer you internship. The decision to select an intern depends solely on the company offering the internship.
If you're currently pursuing a degree, NTAT certifies you on a national level with a single-channel access to more than 3000 hand-picked (and verified) internships. In addition to an assured stipend for every NTAT certified student, our placement team verifies every company on offline levels. Students stand to benefit by scoring above average scores in the test as it helps companies on our platform to reach out to verified and talented students in a simple and convenient manner. Likewise, NTAT certification gives students a single door access to more than 1800 companies across Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore. We stand to be one single point of contact for all your internship needs.
The internship application will be complete when the following elements are submitted via Switch Idea online portal by the registering student: 1. Completed Profile 2. Current vitae 3. Cover letter describing the strengths that can be a value add for the offered position 4. Correct Reference Code / BATCH ID 5. Permission letters of Internship Grant from Head of Department (HOD) or Principal who are familiar with your current course.
Post NTAT 2017 results, the scores can be checked/verified by entering the 'Batch ID/Certification no.' in the 'Certification' widget on www.switchidea.com/ntat. Additionally, the score is auto-integrated in the student's profiles on Switch Idea and the employers can view it from their dashboard.
You have to get your valid ID proof (eg. Aadhar Card, Driving License, College ID), Hall Ticket, Payment Receipt, a Black Ball Pen and a printed copy of your CV to the exam center.
Making a great resume is crucial to get ahead in the corporate race. Here is a blog post on how you can make your resume stand out: https://goo.gl/jPU3dt It is probable that students taking the NTAT haven’t created a resume before. A hard copy of the resume should be submitted to the invigilator or class in-charge before the test begins.
POs are statements about the knowledge, skills and attitudes (attributes) the graduate of a formal engineering program should have. Students get Program Outcomes Report after completing the internship. The POs report is an important document for getting college credits, which are always beneficial if you plan to go for Masters.
Every year Switch Idea conducts National Talent Acquisition Test (NTAT) to screen the aptitude and technical skills of the student users. Since the candidate’s identity is manually verified at the examination center, companies who hire NTAT certified interns are assured of candidate’s identity, college associations, degrees they are pursuing and their domain skills. By this we help employers to get an access only to the qualified and verified interns.

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